April 16, 2024
Dream11 Clone Script

How to succeed in building a dream11 like sports betting app: A detailed  business-oriented guide


Sports betting is becoming popular in recent years and the rise of mobile technologies has opened new opportunities for businesses to jump into this lucrative market. In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of developing a sports betting app like dream11 for businesses. Whether you are a startup looking to break into the sports betting industry or an established one this blog cover valuable insights.  

Dream11 clone script- What does it mean?

Dream11 is a popular betting app that allows players to participate in betting sports events for cricket, football, kabaddi, and basketball. The dream11 clone app developed by Alphasports tech allows your players to create their own virtual team with actual players to earn points.  The clone script is developed for entrepreneurs to launch their crypto-integrated fantasy sports betting platform with the help of the Alphasports tech team. We offer white-label sports betting app like dream11 or build from scratch. It includes all the necessary features like user registration, payment gateway integration, team selection, live scoring and more. 

The types of contests offered by sports betting app like dream11?

These are the types of contests that the player can participate in the dream11 like a sports betting platform.

Head-to-head contest:

In this type of contest, the players can compete against each other and the one with the highest score at the end wins the game.

Point based contest:

Players in this contest earn points based on the points earned during the performance they choose. 

Classic contest:

In the classic contest, players need to create a virtual team of players and the one who earns the maximum points wins the game.

Mega contest:

The mega contest is a larger-scale contest for the players. They can win bigger prize pools with a high number of participants.

50-50 contest:

In this type of contest, the top 50% of players with the highest score win an equal share of the prize pool. 

Tried and tested strategies for Dream11 clone app development

Dream11 is a popular fantasy sports software that allows players to compete against each other for various sports like cricket, football, basketball, etc. Here are the strategies to follow for a sports betting app like Dream11 development. 

1. Market research

2. Build user-friendly interface

3. Include multiple sports

4. Offer various contests

5. Integrate secure payment options

6. Give real-time updates

7. Marketing and promotion

Factors to consider before developing a sports betting app like Dream11

This fantasy sports betting app similar to dream11 has several factors to consider before launching an online betting app.

Scope of the platform

To cover a wider audience, the sports betting app should host multiple sports options. It is necessary to lay a strong foundation for the betting software and analyze the scope based on the number of sports it supports

Data management

The sports betting platform is different from gaming apps, they require the player to handle more critical data leagues like leagues, player information, and more. By analyzing the data and information of the player’s profiles and access the information required. 

Simple interface

Keeping the attention of the users or players is very important, which the user notices within a few seconds. Having a user-friendly user interface keeps the users engaged in the app and they can explore more features. 

Easy scalability

If you develop a crypto-integrated sports betting app identical to Dream11 it is an ever-growing potential. The betting app is capable to handle huge traffic volumes easily and accommodate more users. It is flexible to add new sports and contest offerings.  

Vital features included in sports betting app like Dream11

The betting app is defined by its features. Alphasports tech offers web3 integrated sports betting app like dream11 that makes you shine from the rest of your competitors. Integrating predominant features into the software is very important. Here are the features to include in the sports betting app:

Admin features

User management: Admins can manage their user accounts and verify the details of the users to approve or dismiss the account. 

Manage payments: Payment management is handled by admins to track transactions or any pending payment-related issues.

Content management: The content on the dream11 software can be managed by admins like news articles, FAQs and others.

Customer support: Customer service is an important part of any software, the admin has to resolve the issue of the players. 

Analytics and report: Various reports and analytics are related to the software performance like user behavior and revenue.

Marketing tools: With the help of marketing tools like referral programs, discounts, and promotions to retain the players or users.

Player features

Easy sign-up/login: The players can register on the sports betting app and create their accounts using their credentials. 

Create and join leagues: They can create their own leagues or join the ones that already exist that can be either public or private. 

Participate in contests: Users can participate in various contests and win prizes depending on their performance.

Withdraw winnings: After completing the game, the winner can withdraw their winnings to their bank accounts.

Social media integration: The players can sign-up and login to their social media accounts and share their accomplishments.

Refer and earn: Users can make use of this refer and earn the opportunity to earn a profit by inviting their friends to the app.

Primary features

Live streaming: Users have the option to view live streaming of matches directly from the clone app. 

Chatbot integration: Chatbot integration is for the support and assistance for the users to exchange any technical doubts or anything in general. 

Virtual betting: With the help of virtual currency users can bet on the outcomes of matches or leagues.

AI-powered insights: AI-powered insights give more accurate information about the game to make better-informed decisions. 

Multiple sports: The dream11 clone app supports betting for multiple sports like cricket, football, table tennis, basketball, and more. 

Social betting: Users can create and take part in social betting pools with their family or friends.

Predictions: Players can make predictions for the outcomes of the matches and also earn rewards if they win. 

Leaderboards: Leaderboards are added in the dream11 clone app so that users can view their tanking among other players in the contests. 

Additional features of Dream11 clone app

Here are some of the additional features that in included in the dream11 clone app:

1. Ticketing system

2. Update settings

3. Secure transactions

4. GPS tracking

5. Email remainders

6. Multi-lingual support

7. Bonus points

8. Ads management

9. CMS management

What is the profit-making business model in Dream11 like sports betting software?

The success of the fantasy gaming app depends on engaging gameplay offers, and earn revenue through a variety of channels. This business model dwells on four points that determine the success of the sports betting application.

Sponsorship and ads

The fantasy sports betting app can generate revenue through sponsorships and ads. Many brands often will place their ads in your betting platform and earn additional revenue.

In-app purchases

This is another model for revenue generating, the in-app purchases will allow players to buy virtual goods and also unlock any premium features. 

Commission based 

The sports betting app can make money by taking a commission from the entry fee that has to be paid to participate in contests. It will vary on the prize pool and type of contest. 

Premium model 

Many players can access basic features for free. But to access premium features and contests they have to pay for a premium subscription. 

Tech stacks used to develop sports betting software like Dream11

Picking the right set of tech is essential for sports betting app development. Here are some of the popular technologies used in online betting application software:

Database: MongoDB, Mysql, Mail chimp integration

Front end: AngularJS, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap

Cloud services: AWS, google cloud, salesforce, cloud foundry

Mobile notification: APNS, firebase

Why now is the right time to invest in a sports betting app like Dream11?

These are the reasons why this is the perfect time to invest in the sports betting industry to a significant mark.

1. Low investment

2. Low risk

3. Growing market

4. High returns

5. Lucrative revenue model

How Alphasports Tech can help you with sports betting app development like Dream11?

Alphasports tech is a leading Dream11 clone script provider to develop a platform like dream11. Our team of experts and cricket enthusiasts always targets the right audience. Alphasports offers business-oriented on-demand solutions for web3 and crypto-related sports betting software. Customization is included in every betting application that we develop and add rich features to the sports betting software. 

To sum up

To conclude, fantasy sports app like dream11 is changing the way players interact with their favorite games. Giving players a chance to create their own betting teams, participate and win cash prizes has become popular across the globe. Hope this blog covered all the important details one might have in mind. Step into this industry before its too late.