Be the frontrunner in the sports betting business with our sports betting script

The sports betting clone is gaining immense popularity because of its cost-effectiveness and pre-established model. These clone script are completely customizable and adhere to strict regulations of sports betting. By taking advantage of its popularity, this sports betting industry is growing fast and now is the right time to develop a sports betting clone app. With the best user-centric features and functionalities, it will bring in more users.

The sports betting script provides

To ensure that users never miss out on any fun.

Our online sports betting software supports all the popular and major sports. Users will have extensive choices to pick their favorite sports and bet on them.










Table tennis




Horse racing



These sports betting clone script app features will boost your business. Prepare yourself to face unparallel success with the betting business.


Admin dashboard

The dashboard is included as an admin feature in the Alphasports tech online sports betting clone application. This feature is in a centralized position to manage all the applications.



We have included user management in the sports betting clone software. Using this feature the admin can create, delete or edit user accounts or manage anything related to the clone app.

Reporting and analytics

Reporting and

Reporting & Analytics is another crucial feature added to the admin features of our clone script. It will give various reports and analytics about users’ betting, profits, or activities.



Our sports betting clone supports odds management features that is handled by admins. Using this feature they can set and manage the betting odds on multiple sports events.


Live match

Live match tracking is a very important admin feature integrated by us in our sports betting clone script. Admins can track all the live matches in real time.



This is a crucial admin feature in the betting app. It is very important to secure the data, so the app supports user authentication, data encryption, and follows other industry regulations.



Affiliate management is a key feature added as an admin feature in the sports betting script. All the affiliate links and partnerships decisions are taken by the admin.



Alphasports tech sports betting clone script app supports risk management. The admins can monitor and handle the betting risks beforehand.



Payment management is handled by the admin in this sports betting script. This feature will manage all the user's deposits, withdrawals, and transactions.


Bonus and

Every user is eagerly looking forward to the bonuses that they will receive after the game. This is handled by the admin and they decide to give it to the users



The content in the sports betting clone app is handled by the admin. It includes content like articles, betting guides, etc.


User feedback and review

Alpahsports tech has included user feedback in its admin features. They can be open to collecting any reviews or feedback to improve the user experience.

Set a remarkable place in the

We offer one of the outstanding sports betting script that will help you outshine in your betting business.

Quick time to launch

Alphasports tech white label sports betting script is already pre-built so that it can be launched very quickly. If customizations are required then there might be some delay. Otherwise, your sports betting clone app is ready to enter the betting business.

Established success

The popularity of sports betting increasing, and this is the right time for you to develop an online sports betting app to elevate your business. As it is already successful and has a large user base, replicating this clone app will give the same success as well.

User-friendly interface

These sports betting clone script application developed by us are exceptionally user-friendly. The interface is created by keeping the users in mind to place bets and navigate easily through the app.


Launching a sports betting clone app from scratch might take some time and is very difficult. Therefore choosing our white-label online sports betting clone app will save a lot of time, money, and effort.


The sports betting user base is increasing every day and our sports betting clone app is scaled up to meet the increased traffic and demand. This scalability in your business is necessary to maintain a seamless user experience.


Alphasports tech sports betting clone script app is highly customizable, to match businesses' needs and what a user might require. Therefore this is very crucial for businesses to stand apart from the crowd with their unique brand identity.

Here is a preview of

We offer one of the best and most seamless experiences to operate and navigate through the app. Below described are the steps that describe our working process for the betting script app.

User registration

After opening the app users create an account by entering their personal data and other important information.

User registration

Sports selection

The use of handicap betting evens out the chances in a game. It is set up in a way that the stronger team must defeat the weaker team by at least 100 runs.

Sports selection

Betting types

This bet allows users to bet on a team's win or loss in a head-to-head match. If the team succeeds, they succeed, or if the team fails, they fail.


Betting slip

Users can select the bets and add it to the betting slip for tracking it easily and have the confirmation of the bets.


Payments and transactions

Users can with their winning funds or deposit in the online betting sports app based on their convenient payment options.


Bet settlement

After the sport is completed, this app calculates and settles the bets. The winning amount is credited to the winners and vice versa for the losers.

Monetization modules added in

our sports betting clone script application

Every business requires financial modules. Here are some amazing revenue-generating streams added to our sports betting script.






Affiliate marketing


Subscription model





Futuristic tech integration

We have enhanced the functionality of our sports betting script with these cutting-edge technologies

Sports betting applications are in high demand, because of their popularity and convenience in betting. The fusion of these advanced technologies in your sports betting script app with increase the functioning of the betting app.


Artificial intelligence

AI is used in our sports betting clone app to analyze enormous data and offer customized betting recommendations and predictions for individuals.


Blockchain technology

Alphasports tech integrates Blockchain technology in the app. This technology provides highly secure and transparent transactions to improve the user experience.



This latest technology is added to the sports betting script app to give users a better and more interactive betting experience.


Voice recognition

Voice recognition is another fusion of advanced technology to the betting app. It is more intuitive and user-friendly to place bets or access information.


Chatbots and VA

With the integration of this advanced technology, they offer more personalized and attentive customer support. They also assist them in placing bets.


Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics is included in the sports betting clone app, it gives more precise recommendations based on the user's previous betting patterns.

Why Alphasports tech for

sports betting script development services

sportsbetting mobile app development

Alphasports tech is a supreme sports betting script development service provider. Our company is one the best choice for sports betting clone script development because we have extensive knowledge and experience in delivering a reliable, robust, and feature-rich clone application. With the implementation of the latest technologies, Alphasports tech offers a personalized solution to match the unique needs of our clients. Therefore our sport sports betting script will help achieve your business goals and stay ahead of the curve. You can choose us for the following reasons:

Overall, the reason to choose us is that we take every word of our clients and then convert their thought into reality. Our team always manages to exceed our client's expectations and give them the best output to be the best in the betting market.

Robustand-scalable clone

Robust and scalable clone


Around-the-clock support


Advanced features


Security & privacy


Reliable performance


Reliable performance


What is Alphasports tech sports betting clone script?

The sports betting clone developed by us is the exact replica of the sports betting website. With various customizations and advanced features, we have developed a script for online betting.

Can I customize your sports betting clone website?

Yes, you can completely customize our online betting script to match your user and business needs.

How long to launch my sports betting clone app to the market?

Alphasports tech has a white-label online betting script that can be launched very soon, but if are any alterations to the script, then it might take some time depending on the level of changes.

What are the advanced features included in your sports betting script?

With the use of AI, AR & VR and other advanced technologies, we help you stay ahead of others with our sports betting script.

What type of sports is included in your sports betting clone?

Alphasports Tech offers many types of sports from basketball, baseball, cricket, tennis, horse racing, and other sports.