A closer look at the Betfury clone script

The betfury clone script is a ready-made script of a social i-gaming cryptocurrency platform built on Tron Blockchain. Betfury clone software developed by us has cutting-edge features, benefits, and functionalities. Our pre-built betfury clone script application is easily customizable to suit the company's needs. All the features are crucial for establishing a successful online gaming platform like Betfury.

Therefore, we offer a Betfury clone script that is a lucrative venture for businesses. The white label Betfury clone software will also help attain the business goals. We offer top-notch design, development, and an appealing user interface for the clone script that will automatically draw in potential players.

Here are the types of games included in our Betfury game clone.

Live casino games

Players prefer this type of casino game the most because they get to interact with real people dealers while playing from the comfort of their own homes. Additionally, it offers captivating live dealer tables as well as captivating game shows.


The battle is regarded as a "do not miss" game because of its features that enable players to compete against other gamblers on the particular game and win a significant portion of the prize pool.


The most well-known casino game in both traditional and virtual casinos is the slot machine. Our Betfury clone application offers more slots, which can be accessed from all games in the left menu, just like Betfury.


The Betfury clone script developed by us now allows players to wager on various types of sports. To be clear, there are no restrictions on players' ability to wager on both scheduled and live games.

Table games

Table games in our betfury clone solutions offer 46 table games, including Neon, Roulette, European roulette, Dragon tiger, Monster scratch, hollow pick, signs of fortune, and other types of table games.

In-house games

Thirteen thrilling video games are available in the in-house games section, which is profitable and ethical in our betfury clone software. The games included in it are Keno, Dice, Mines, HiLo, Limbo, Dice, Plinko, Coin flip, Stairs, and more.

Highlighted primary feature

These are some of the salient primary features included in our Betfury clone script. During our betfury clone app development, we have added the core and must-have features to give the best experience for players and businesses.


Cross-platform compatibility (iOS and Android)

BFG staking

Various betting options

Regular updates


Multi-lingual support

Multiple payment gateways

Divided pool of cryptos


Payment methods in Betfury clone software

The betfury clone software accepts a variety of payment options, making it simple for players to deposit money and withdraw it. Along with more convenient payment options like credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets, payment methods may also include cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others.

Players have flexibility and convenience when using the i-gaming crypto platform created with our Betfury clone script to conduct transactions with the integration of multiple payment gateways. This indicates that players can easily deposit money into their accounts using their preferred method of payment and easily withdraw their winnings.

The Betfury clone app developed by us has strong security controls like SSL encryption, 2FA authentication, and KYC/AML compliance to guarantee the security and privacy of users’ financial transactions. Users can play online games in safety and security, and their financial transactions are shielded from fraud and unauthorized access because of the integration of these security features. Our betfury clone apps make sure that the user is convenient, which will ultimately contribute to the platform's success, it is crucial for any Betfury clone software to support a variety of payment methods.

As a leading development service provider of social gaming platforms like Betfury is Alphasports Tech. Our betfury clone script comes with cutting-edge tools, methods, web3 features, etc. these are the must-have features to launch your betfury clone apps. 

Private admin dashboard

In our betfury clone script includes a private admin dashboard for the owners/admins. To manage the entire game clone and all of its features.

User management

The user management is controlled by the admin. They will manage players' account transactions, bonuses, and other things.

Casino/Game management

To launch the best gaming platform with Betfury clone script, Alphasports tech supports game/casino management. The admin will control the games, tournaments, and others.

Financial management

Financial management is an admin feature included in our betfury clone solution. The admin will have the ability to control payments, fees, and other related financial activities.

Security & compliance

Our betfury clone app developers have included this crucial admin feature. The admin will be able to establish security guidelines and guarantee adherence to the laws.

Bonus & promotion code management

In our Betfury clone script, the admin feature included bonus and promotional code management. The admins can set up bonuses and other promotions for players.

Support and ticket management

Using our betfury clone script to launch an i-gaming crypto platform like betfury has included this admin feature. The admin manages tickets, customer support, and other related tasks.

Site statistics & reports

The site statistics and reports are included in our betfury game clone application. We make the admin have easy access to reports, analytics, and other site stats.

App Settings

The admin feature developed by Alphasports Tech has integrated site settings. Using this feature the admin can control the app settings, including games and other app-specific settings.

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Play and earn opportunities in Betfury clone software

In our betfury clone script, we offer play and earn opportunities. The i-gaming crypto platform created with Betfury clone script includes the following play and earn chances:


This reward is for the most active players with substantial rewards for winning the jackpots in house games & slot machine games. Dice, Plinko, Circle, etc are games with a jackpot.


Playing video games is important. Players can choose from more than a thousand excellent in-house, slots, tables, and live games in the Betfury clone app.


In addition to games, our betfury clone app gives users more opportunities by creating campaigns and competitions with significant prizes.


Depending on the player's rank, the i-gaming crypto platform with our Betfury clone script offers cashback at a rate that ranges from 2% to 25%. You can play, and earn coins back.

Betfury Utility token

The betfury clone utility token is a digital asset and can be used to access various features like staking rewards, bonuses, etc.

One of the key components of the Betfury game clone is its utility token or BFG, which enables profit sharing and offers revenue-generating services to all Betfury clone BFG token owners. The utility token for the Betfury game clone, which is based on a TRC-20 smart contract, guarantees the smooth operation of the platform and a safe gaming environment. Playing on-site slots and games will allow you to mine this BFG token. BFG tokens will be added to the auction to boost the probability that someone will win TRX.


Types of sports integrated into

We at Alphasports Tech have included a various number of sports in our Betfury clone script. Here is the list of sports:

Table Tennis
Horse racing
Virtual sports

White-label Betfury clone software

The white label betfury clone software is a ready-made and highly customizable software to launch a dynamic gaming platform.


Businesses can launch their own i-gaming cryptocurrency platform with our Betfury clone script. We offer complete customizations for our clients to match their requirements.

If you want to launch your own decentralized gaming platform like Betfury? The best option for you is a ready-made, fully functional white label betfury clone script. A white-label betfury clone script will help you successfully launch your gaming platform. Alphasports Tech offers flawless betfury clone script with supplemental features necessary for the company launch. We also offer cutting-edge features that are completely unique, like farming, referrals, staking, and more. Our Betfury clone script is entirely white-labeled so you can tailor it according to your own brand name, logo, and currency.


Why pick Alphasports Tech for Betfury clone script development?

Alphasports Tech is one of the leading and best Betfury clone script development service provider. We offer high-quality clone solutions that are focused on giving the best betfury clone applications for businesses. Our Betfury clone software developers always utilize the latest technologies and features in the clone app. As a leading betfury clone development company, we customize the clone script to match the business needs. Here are the reasons, one can choose us for their i-gaming crypto platform like betfury.

Customizable solutions

Skilled developers

Timely delivery

Cost-effective solution

Gaming solutions for iOS and Android

Global quality standards


What is Alphasports Tech Betfury clone script?

Alphasports Tech developed a clone script for Betfury. Our clone script is not just a copy of Betfury but also includes other important features, and games. The clone software is completely bug-free and also customizable.

What technologies are used to create a Betfury clone script?

Our Betfury clone script was created using various technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, React, Node.js, MongoDB, and more.

Can I customize your Betfury clone script?

Yes! The betfury clone script is tailored to meet your unique business needs. We make sure that the clone app aligns with the business goals.

Can I add new features and functionality to your Betfury clone script?

Yes, you can update our Betfury clone script to include new features and functions. The current features can also be modified to improve their usability.