Understanding the BC.game clone script inside out

BC.game clone script is a ready-made script created on a crypto-based casino gaming platform.  Businesses can launch a BC.game clone app with a user-friendly interface, secure payment processing, tons of games, and others benefits. Depending on the business needs we modify our BC.game clone script and launch their online crypto casino gaming platform for their successful business ventures.

We create the best BC.game clone app with interactive UI/UX designs and features for businesses to easily attract more players.

Crypto casino games included in

The BC.game clone software solutions developed by us include a number of games in the clone script. Here is the list of casino games added to the clone.


Spinning wheel


Floating dragon


Crash game


Classic dice game


Betfury game clone


Coin flip game


Video poker


Limbo Game


Craps casino game


Blackjack casino game


Egyptian adventure game


Dragon tiger




Lightning roulette


Sic bo

Advantages of developing a crypto

Developing a crypto casino gaming platform like BC.game gives you the following advantages:

Expanded market

As the speed and security are increasing in cryptocurrency online gamers prefer to use this for their transactions due to its convenience.


Additional Security

Online crypto casino gaming platform accept cryptocurrencies due to their higher level of security when compared to conventional payment methods.


Unique games

The games offered by the crypto casino platform differ from those provided by conventional online casinos, it attracts players and set your BC.game clone app apart from the competition.


Low transaction fees

Transaction fees are lower in this clone app than those for transactions involving traditional payment methods, which is beneficial for players.


Potential for profitability

Building a successful business in the online crypto gaming industry with our white-label BC.game clone solutions will open new market opportunities.



Businesses have the choice to customize their own cryptocurrency-based online gaming platform like BC.game to meet the specific needs of the targeted market.

Primary features

We offer exclusive features during our BC.game clone app development. Features are very crucial part of BC.game clone software. 


Unique game genres


Multi-currency support


Cross-chain platform


Enhanced security


KYC verification process


Multi-lingual support


Wallet management system


Progressive jackpot system


Third-party payment integration


Fair gaming system


Customized betting limits


Multi-referral commission system

Money-making with

Every day new games are released, and the online crypto-gaming industry is expanding. As a result, there is a high demand for the game clone script, especially the BC.game clone script. Ready-made BC.game clone solutions can be quickly used to develop the clone application. It is also attracting a sizable audience to its captivating and lucrative gaming features. BC.games will outperform all other online games because crypto is so important in online casino games. Businesses looking to create a profitable game without the need to develop from scratch can utilize our white label BC.game clone script. Apart from that you can create your own clone with Alphasports Tech. Launch one of the best BC.clone apps with the best revenue-generating modules to venture into this business. Here is the list of money-making models included in our BC.game clone script


Commission on bets


House edge


Affiliate program


VIP memberships




In-game purchases

Admin and players' features are very important. Having the best features will give an unforgettable experience to players while using the BC.game clone app. Our BC.game clone app solutions includes these  features:


Admin dashboard

The admin can access their dashboards in the BC.game clone application. Admins can view the key metrics and control the overall management of the clone apps.


User management

One of the admin features developed in our BC.game clone script is user management. This helps the admin to monitor and view the behavior of the users.


Payment processing

The payment processing is an admin feature included during the BC.game clone app development. This feature facilitates deposits and withdrawals of the users.


Game management

We have incorporated game management in our BC.game clone script. Admin can control the available games and also customize them.


Bonuses and promotions management

The bonuses and promotions management is handled by the admin. In our BC.game clone software admin can use this to reward players and attract new ones.


Comprehensive help center

This feature is added to the admin in our BC.game clone app. It will give players access to guides, FAQs, and other necessary resources.

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White label BC.game


The white-label BC.game clone script developed by us has all the features and some additional features like the BC.game app. Our BC.game clone developers use excellent programming languages and the latest technologies to develop the BC.game clone app. Our customized BC.game clone app solutions will help business owners and entrepreneurs to create an incredible crypto casino gaming platform with the clone script. Businesses can rule over the crypto market with our white label BC.game clone solution. Using our white-label solution is the quickest way for anyone to establish their own casino gaming empire and earn millions in a matter of minutes. 


Why choose Alphasports Tech for BC.game clone script for your business?

Alphasports Tech is a leading BC.game clone script development service provider in the market. By collecting our client’s unique ideas, we make the best BC.clone app for your business.Striking benefits and features are added to the clone script to draw millions of players with the best design. This is your time to rule the cryptocurrency market with the BC.game clone app. The technical and customer support for our BC.game clone script development services is available round the clock. 

Get started with one of the most captivating Blockchain games and advance your digital business. As a leading BC.game clone script development company, our team creates an online crypto casino with a high sense of community. We also give the necessary guidelines and roadmaps. Below listed are a few reasons to choose us:


Implementing customized thoughts


Competitive pricing


Timely delivered projects


Multi-platform compatibility


Implement state-of-art technologies


Proven track record of success


What is Alphasports Tech BC.game clone script?

Alphasports Tech BC.game clone script developed by us is the replica of the popular BC.game. It includes all the features, benefits and games as in the app. We have added some extra features to enhance our BC.game clone script.

How long will it take to launch the BC.game clone app?

We have white label BC.game clone solutions for businesses with in-built necessary features and functionalities that can be launched very soon. Apart from that we also customize based on the business requirements which might take some time but not very long.

How long will you offer support for the BC.game clone app?

After the launch of the BC.game clone application, we offer up to 3 months of maintenance support. We’ll offer technical support for its regular updates and more.

How secure is your BC.game clone script?

We have incorporated all the latest security features to our BC.game clone script. Therefore there is absolutely no about the security of the clone script.

Can I customize the BC.game clone script?

Yes!, our BC.game clone script is completely customizable to align with your business needs. They can alter the features, design, and others.